JSC «STAR» is a scientific-production amalgamation, specializing in development and production of automated control systems for gas turbine engines. The enterprise manufactures digital electronic governors and hydromechanical units for control of aircraft gas turbine engines and power units of gas turbine electric power plants, gas pumping units, sea vessels.
       In 2010 design office JSC «STAR» and serial production plant JSC «Perm aggregate amalgamation «Inkar» became members of JSC «United engine-building corporation» (ODK). Historical backgrounds, modern trends, and common strategic goals of JSC «STAR» and JSC «Inkar» conditioned the need of incorporation of the enterprises into single structure. Proposal on integration of design office and serial plant was supported by the ODK, and process of reorganization (which has begun same year) has ended in April 2011. The newly formed structure kept the name the design office had before integration – JSC «STAR». Purpose of reorganization is to concentrate human and scientific-research potential of two enterprises and to increase effectiveness of technologically related production facilities. Integration into single structure also permits to reduce time frames of introduction and implementation of new developments. So, creation of a single enterprise permits (within frames of implementation of ODK production strategy) to form in Perm a centre of competence in development and production of complex electronic and hydromechanical control systems for modern aircraft and industrial engines.
       Our enterprise provides for the full cycle of development, including engineering and production of ACS units, development, refinement and integration of software and algorithmic support with electronic governor hardware, integration of ACS electronics with hydromechanical units and aircraft systems.
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