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Версия для слабовидящих

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Automatic control systems (ACS) for aviation

In civil aircraft segment, the company presents automatic control system SAU-90A2 for PS-90A2 engine installed on the modern modification of the mainline Tu-204SM aircraft.

The SAU-90A2 is responsible for comprehensive all-mode control of the PS-90A2 engine, restriction of limit parameters, surge protection, engine monitoring and diagnostics, and it provides for information exchange with the systems of the Tu-204SM aircraft. The system provides fuel supply to the engine up to 8000 kg / h with fuel pressure in the engine up to 130 kgf / cm2. Time to ACS failure with engine shutdown in flight — at least 1 million hours.

SAU-90A2 system includes:

  • RED-90A2M – integrated two-channel electronic regulator with full responsibility (FADEC), implementing control, monitoring and diagnostics of the engine;
  • HP-90A2 – fuel pump, actuators of electronic regulator to control fuel consumption and inlet guide vanes (IGV), backup hydro-mechanical regulator;
  • ART-90A2 – unit for distributing fuel to nozzle contours;
  • TD-90M - temperature sensor of backup regulator;
  • AIK-90A2 - unit for executing commands issued by electronic regulator to control engine mechanization.