Версия для слабовидящих

Версия для слабовидящих

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After-sales service

An important task for the company is not only to create new engine control systems, but also to maintain the airworthiness of the existing fleet — ensuring timely and high-quality repairs of units.

The variety of aircraft types on which Perm units are used, the wide geography of operation, the difference in climatic conditions impose high requirements not only on the quality of products, but also on timely and high-quality after-sales service.

The company carries out repairs of all products, including refinement and remodification of units. A special reserve fund has been formed for the prompt replacement of failed units or replacement of units with an expired life time.

As part of the service programs, UEC-STAR JSC conducts technical training for aircraft repair plant specialists in the repair and adjustment of units, provides design and technological support, and supplies repair kits. A separate after-sales support and service program has been developed for operators of fuel automation systems as part of ground-based gas turbine units (GTU).

UEC-STAR provides customers with the following services:

  • Performance restoration repairs in operation
  • Overhaul at UEC-STAR JSC
  • Consumer advice
  • Extension of life time and service life
  • Organization of overhaul centers
  • Supply of spare parts

Телефон горячей линии по сервису:

+7 (958) 142 26-63