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Concepts of "corruption" and "anti-corruption"
Basic principles of Anti-Corruption

Article 1 of Federal Law No. 273-FZ of December 25, 2008 "On Combating Corruption"


  • abuse of official position, giving a bribe, receiving a bribe, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other illegal use by an individual of his official position contrary to the legitimate interests of society and the state in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or services of proprietary nature, other property rights for himself or for third parties, or illegal provision of such benefits to the specified person by other individuals;
  • committing the acts specified in subparagraph “a” of this paragraph on behalf of or in the interests of a legal entity.

Anti-corruption is the activity of federal bodies of state power, bodies of state power of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government, civil society institutions, organizations and individuals within the limits of their powers:

  • on the prevention of corruption, including the identification and subsequent elimination of causes of corruption (prevention of corruption);
  • on identification, prevention, suppression, disclosure and investigation of corruption
    offenses (fight against corruption);

  • on minimization and (or) elimination of the consequences of corruption offenses.

Article 3 of Federal Law No. 273-FZ of December 25, 2008
"On Combating Corruption"

Anti-corruption in the Russian Federation is based on the following basic principles:

Противодействие коррупции в Российской Федерации основывается на следующих основных принципах:

  • recognition, ensuring and protection of fundamental human and civil rights and freedoms;
  • legality;
  • publicity and openness of the activities of state bodies and local self-government bodies;
  • inevitability of liability for corruption offenses;
  • integrated use of political, organizational, informational, socio-economic, legal, special and other measures;
  • priority implementation of corruption prevention measures;
  • cooperation of the state with civil society institutions, international organizations and individuals.

Regulatory legal acts in the field of anti-corruption

Международные правовые акты


Иные федеральные законы

Указы Президента Российской Федерации

Нормативные правовые акты Правительства Российской Федерации

Судебные акты в сфере противодействия коррупции

Methodological materials

Commission for Compliance with Requirements for Official Conduct and Settlement of Conflicts of Interest

  • Председатель Комиссии - заместитель управляющего директора по безопасности О.О. Веселков
  • Заместитель председателя Комиссии - директор по персоналу Е.И. Королев

Information about the decisions made

Решения комиссии

Feedback for reporting corruption

     e-mail: krokhalev-vs@ao-star.ru, тел. +7 (342) 249-18-13 доб. 4-60-24
                prikhodko-yuv@ao-star.ru, тел. +7 (342) 249-18-13 доб. 4-38-28

Rostec State Corporation Hotline

тел. 88007008419, 119048, г. Москва, ул. Усачева, 24

A message to the UEC hotline can be sent to e-mail CONTROL@UECRUS.COM 

or inform by phone 89167120403, 16 Budyonnogo Ave., Moscow, 105118